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Norppandalotti Software is a Finnish company that delivers IT solutions. Norppandalotti first came up as a joke of two university students but has since become more like a real business. It’s still fun so what can you do?

We create web pages and network based software, mostly with PHP (Concrete♥), Java (Vaadin♥) and Python (Flask♥) at the moment. But if you pay well we are willing to do practically anything. Overcoming technical challenges is a sport for us!

We do also educating and consulting.




Two university students erected the foundations of Norppandalotti Software with money from one of their girlfriends. The two studied information systems development, electronic businesses, usability, user psychology and business. Those subjects also naturally became the main domain of Norppandalotti.

Antti IMG_0117_4.jpg

Antti programs, sends bills, handles accounting, avoids taxes and orders business cards. If something is coded with PHP it’s most probably Antti’s doings.

In his free time Antti works at Blue Meteorite Ltd., making the best intranets in the world (I know, it sounds lame, but it’s decently awesome and surprisingly fun). As a post-graduate student Antti studies something that involves words agile and business. No one really knows. He also drives a bicycle (upright), plays xbox and does something with pixels. More information is available here.


Valtteri programs, does specifications and works especially with Lipas project. If Norppandalotti produces something with Python or Java code in it, that’s Valtteri.

In his free time Valtteri hangs out with professors of astronomy.


Mari paid the initial expenses of Norppandalotti and now lives a billionaire life somewhere in the Bahamas. When she gets bored of the beaches and good weather, she might do some consulting or Peda.net training.




For unexplainable reasons we still think this is fun. You can maybe call it psychosis but that’s Norppandalotti!


Coming soon!

(Or possibly later. Let’s see if we don’t have anything better to do!)





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