Antti “Koskila” Koskela

Antti “Koskila” Koskela

Antti IMG_0117_4.jpg

Antti crafts artesan code bits, sends bills, handles accounting, minimizes pays taxes and orders business cards. If something is coded with C#, if it runs in Azure, or is weirdly hacked together in PHP, it’s most probably Antti’s doings. Sorry about that.

In his free time Antti works at Blue Meteorite Ltd., making the best intranets in the world (I know, it sounds lame, but it’s decently awesome and surprisingly fun). As a post-graduate student Antti studies something that involves words agile and business. No one really knows. He might be located either in Jyväskylä, Helsinki or possibly Montréal (that’s in Canada).

He also drives a bicycle (upright), plays xbox, shoots guns and does things with pixels. More information is available here.


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